Strategic partnership that includes risk-transfer

With immediate effect, in addition to the existing UNIQA Insurance Group AG partnership, bsurance now signed a strategic partnership with Munich Re that will also include risk transfer. Furthermore, it allows bsurance to benefit from Munich Re’s product knowhow and enable to develop and create new and innovative insurance products in a very efficient setup.

Making European-wide insurance solutions possible

bsurance can therefore offer its partner companies timely, in addition to the UNIQA markets Austria and CEE, also European-wide insurance solutions.

bsurance – the Insurtech start-up from Austria – specializes in offering insurance to customers of companies with a high number of transactions. The opportunities for such “B2B2C” models, i.e. models where a partner offers its end customers insurance products, are very diverse and are primarily used in the e-commerce sector. Banks, retailers, energy suppliers, electronics sellers, mobility providers, tourism operators or also telecommunications companies are just a few of the applications. 

The insurance is offered as an embedded add-on product or as part of product-bundles and can be completed within a very short time, which brings benefits for the consumer but also for the respective partner company, can enrich its own insurance products or services and thus secure its own business or accelerate its own growth. 

Important step for bsurance expansion into European markets 

The cooperation with Munich Re is an important step for the expansion into European markets, which offers bsurance many opportunities for collaboration. Lorenz Gräff, founder and CEO of bsurance: “We already have a large number of partner companies that want to work with us in Austria and Germany, and as a result, also in the rest of Europe. The cooperation with Munich Re will greatly help us in acquiring new affiliates in Europe and also serving them accordingly.” 

bsurance products tailored specifically for partners and their customers

Lorenz Gräff continues: “We greatly appreciate the promising and constructive cooperation with Munich Re and the trust they have placed in us.” It is the vision of bsurance to bring relevant and fair insurance products to interested customers in a timely and targeted manner. “With this partnership, we are a significant step closer to this objective in Germany and, as a result, also in Europe.”