Our visit to Start Alliance Berlin

We already reported how delighted we were to receive the invitation to the Start Alliance Berlin event.

Start Alliance Berlin was a two-week program in March 2018 that made it possible for start-ups from New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Tel Aviv and Vienna to extend their business models to Germany.

We were also there.

Berlin is Germany’s fintech hotspot: 228 of 699 German fintech startups are based in Berlin. Start Alliance has invited us at bsurance to join this vibrant ecosystem to experience the benefits for our products and services. And indeed, those were two intense weeks in the German capital.

Why was it all so exciting for us?

The aim of Start Alliance Berlin is to accelerate entries into new markets, reinforce economies of scale, adapt business models to international requirements, and to speed up the process of innovation.

Thanks to our partnership with Start Alliance Berlin, we were able to gain access to a program that allowed us to expand rapidly.

What did we get in return?

The schedule was highly ambitious with a very varied scope. This included dialog with major industrial partners, consultants, and potential future investors. Above all, we were able to enjoy intensive discussions with other fintech businesses and talk about potential collaborations. This now makes it easier for us to undertake even more intense preparations for our planned market entry in Germany and even make the first inroads at an earlier stage than planned.

Another undoubted highlight was the included entrance to EXEC fintech, on which we have already reported here.

Further details about Start Alliance Berlin: http://www.startalliance.net