Dental accident insurance for Playbrush customers successfully embedded

Operational since January, slightly more than half a year later on the way to 5-digit customer growth: The bsurance business model delivers what it promises and the first “embedded insurance” in the form of a dental accident insurance for Playbrush subscription customers is live, after the use case was already presented at this year’s DIA Amsterdam, here is the report.

dental accident insurance for Paybrush subscription customers

Since August 2, every Playbrush subscription now includes a UNIQA dental accident insurance, which is automatically activated for Playbrush customers at no additional cost during the online order process. This is made possible by the digital end2end platform from bsurance, which establishes the connection between Playbrush and UNIQA in the background. The otherwise complicated policy creation and processing takes place practically in real time with the help of bsurance. At the same time, bsurance has succeeded in implementing the technical framework, which usually takes several months, in just a few weeks. This makes bsurance with its “Insurance-as-a-Service Platform” the perfect bridge or link between digital marketplaces/platforms and the traditional insurance world.

B2B2C business model at the pulse of time

The concept of bsurance is jointly responsible for the trend that sees situational and therefore relevant product bundles of core product plus insurance gaining ground: The insurance is taken directly at the POS of the core product and thus neither interrupts the user journey nor does it require additional effort on the part of the respective customer.

With the dental accident insurance for Playbrush bsurance has implemented its first MVP (Minimum Viable Product). bsurance is already talking to retailers, energy suppliers, car manufacturers and banks that know their customers’ needs well and see a fully embedded insurance product as added value for their respective products.

The outlook is promising

In addition, bsurance is working with UNIQA on further projects which will go live in the course of the year and thereby exploit the possibilities of bsurance with regard to the digitization of insurance products.

While the summer is not stingy with high temperatures everywhere, it will be a hot summer for bsurance anyway, as the first round of investments will soon be on the agenda.

What the press says

On and you will find further articles on the successful cooperation between UNIQA, Playbrush and bsurance.