The Fintech Ladies have invited to the weXelerate

Last week about 30 women from the financial sector met at the second Viennese “Deep Dive” of the initiative Fintech Ladies. The tenor of the evening: “Much more is possible for women in the FinTech sector.

bsurance COO Diana Medanova live on stage

“Women have endless possibilities, they want to and can also make their contribution to digitisation. In the coming years, women will be able to break down the structures here and take on relevant positions,” says Michaela Rothleitner of UNIQA Ventures. She hosted the second Deep Dive Event of the Berlin initiative Fintech Ladies in Vienna, which took place last week. Around 30 women from the financial sector accepted the invitation to the UNIQA Innovation Lab in Vienna’s weXelerate. The participants included financial market regulators, banks, law firms, insurance companies, consulting firms, start-ups and financial companies. On stage: Stefanie Zrinyi (Pingitzer), founder and CEO of LilO and Diana Medanova, COO of bsurance, two role models of the scene.

Diana Medanova @Fintech Ladies

(c) Sebastian Judtmann (in the middle: Diana Medanova, COO bsurance)

Power to the women!

One of the messages of the evening: The vision outlined at the beginning by Michaela Rothleitner can be realized, but the goal has not yet been reached. “M&A transactions and finance in general certainly require more women’s power. It cannot be that I am always the only woman at the table in all contract negotiations,” says Stefanie Zrinyi. But things are progressing, as Diana Medanova explains: “Just two years ago I could count the ‘Fintech Ladies’ I know in this country on one hand. Today we already have our own event. If this continues, the term ‘Fintech Lady’ will become a matter of course.

Role models, networking and more activism

In order to continue like this, the initiative should also help with its events. “It takes more role models, more networking and more activism to draw attention to this,” summarizes Michaela Rothleitner. Fintech Ladies can offer just that. Role models such as Zrinyi and Medanova need to be put in the spotlight so they can talk about their experiences. To this end, role models such as Zrinyi and Medanova are put in the spotlight and let them talk about their experiences. On stage, the two then introduced mentoring as a particularly important aspect for themselves and generally in the promotion of women in the business world.

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