This year, Copenhagen FinTech Week welcomed more than 1000 attendees from all continents. Over 60+ international speakers from over 15 different countries shared and discussed their insights in keynotes and panel discussions. The event offered plenty of networking sessions and workshops and as well as the opportunity for a great number of fantastic fintech startups to showcase their businesses and pitch on stage! Among those: bsurance, already evaluating the expansion possibilities to the Nordic market with our bancassurance solution. After the Digital Finance Conference in Berlin, this was already the second event in a short time where bsurance had the possibility to present its solution.

Copenhagen FinTech Week 2019
Fintech Impacting and Transforming Industries

Drawing hundreds of the world’s Fintech leaders together to learn and do business, network and exchange views and knowledge on how Fintech is impacting and transforming industries globally. This year, the Copenhagen FinTech Week was up to show the world how fintech is impacting much more than traditional finance – and provided the opportunity to explore top fintech trends in topics like Sustainability, Smart Cities Fintech Partnerships, Big Tech, Data Ethics and more. The Copenhagen FinTech Week 2019 welcomed the brightest fintech minds from all over the world to network, exchange knowledge and meet the fintech influencers and disruptors of this era!

Copenhagen FinTech Week 2019
About the Organizers

Copenhagen FinTech is an association built on the vision of creating ecosystem based innovation within fintech. Copenhagen FinTech combines the visionary ideas of fintech entrepreneurs, the experience of the established financial sector, the ambitions from the investors, the desire for societal benefits of the public sector and top research from the universities with the overarching purpose of building a thriving fintech ecosystem for the benefit of all stakeholders. Their goal with Copenhagen FinTech Week 2019 was to bring together the entire ecosystem and create the best fintech conference in the world. Copenhagen FinTech is a non-profit organization and potential surplus made on Copenhagen FinTech Week and other activities is 100% recycled to fuel the global fintech-ecocystem we love.

Copenhagen FinTech Week 2019
The bsurance Bancassurance-Solutions

bsurance was invited to showcase the possibilities of its digital insurance platform in terms of bancassurance. Since the possibilities are basically infinite, we pictured our solution using a flight delay insurance. This product will be embedded in a bank account and will get triggered by a predefined event, e.g. when purchasing flight tickets using this dedicated bank account/ credit card, or when entering an airport via push notification using geo-data.

Copenhagen FinTech Week 2019

In case of a flight delay, a financial refund would automatically be paid out, without any interaction with the customer! The management of the insurance product, the policies and possible claims will all be taken care of by our digital platform. communication with the bank partners would be done via simple APIs.

Our Resume of the Copenhagen Fintech Week

The Copenhagen Fintech Week is one of the top of its kind, and a “must” when planning to expand to the Nordic countries. The location and the organization were excellent, so was the audience! We will definitely come back next year! Click here to visit the official Copenhagen FinTech Week website for more information