AXA Partners’ buyer protection is soon available for cashpresso customers thanks to bsurance

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bsurance kooperiert mit AXA Partners und cashpresso

Vienna, July 15th 2019 – The Austrian insurtech startup bsurance has won the services of FinTech startup cashpresso, also from Austria, as a cooperation partner. The digital insurance solution from bsurance will enable an automatic buyer protection for the customers of the payment provider cashpresso. The insurance product is provided by AXA Partners meaning that this is the third major insurance partner, in addition to UNIQA and Munich Re, that has been won as a further product provider and risk carrier.

The digital insurance solution from bsurance enables buyer protection for cashpresso customers

cashpresso customers in Austria and Germany will soon be able to benefit from free buyer protection when they use the payment provider. This is valid for exactly one year from the first transaction and for all further transactions during this period.

cashpresso is a user-friendly and flexible way to pay for purchases in instalments. Retailers from various sectors – i.e. electronics, sports, furniture, children’s equipment, education and fashion – offer the instalment payment option. Customers can choose the instalment amount, make amends to the duration and change it at any time free of charge. cashpresso has already received several awards such as the 2019 E-Commerce Award Germany, for its user-friendliness.

“When our customers shop online, they should receive the products they have ordered. With cashpresso buyer protection, we reimburse our customers for the purchase price if they have not received an item or order defective goods from a partner shop,” explains Managing Director Daniel Strieder. 

Lorenz Gräff, CEO and founder of bsurance, is delighted with the cooperation: “It was important for us to add value to the existing cashpresso service with an insurance product. With the buyer protection product, we have achieved this excellently, because it facilitates and supports purchases on the internet, which in turn has a positive influence on the acquisition of new customers by cashpresso, but also on the usage rate among existing customers.

The first bancassurance solution that highlights the potential of bsurance

For bsurance it is already the second cooperation with an Austrian startup after Playbrush. At the same time, the linking of an insurance product to a payment transaction provides an outlook on the many possibilities that the cloud-based, digital insurance platform from bsurance also offers in the area of bancassurance: The cooperation partners are connected to the respective risk carrier via simple interfaces. Policy creation, insurance product and claims management take place in real time and exclusively digitally.

AXA Partners is now the third major insurance partner

During the cooperation with cashpresso, bsurance succeeded in winning AXA Partners as a product supplier and risk carrier. AXA Partners is already the third major insurance partner, alongside UNIQA and Munich Re, to which bsurance has access.

The expansion and growth of bsurance continues

bsurance is now entitled to broker insurance in 31 EU and EEA countries. Since its official launch at the beginning of 2018, the bsurance team has grown to 16 employees, and this figure is expected to double by the end of the year. Work is currently in full swing on further products with cooperation partners that will become available during the coming weeks and months, including a second product with partner Playbrush.

About bsurance:

The Austrian insurtech startup bsurance was founded in November 2017 and specialises in B2B2C business models in the insurance sector. As strategic partners, product providers and risk carriers, UNIQA, Munich Re and AXA Partners are on hand. bsurance concentrates on the implementation of tailor-made insurance products directly into the sales channels of companies with a large customer base and sizable transactions.

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