bsurance makes it into Oxbow Partners’ InsurTech Impact 25 Report

About Oxbow Partners

Oxbow Partners is an advisory firm exclusively serving the insurance industry. Their clients include the world’s leading insurers, reinsurers, brokers and private equity investors. Every year Oxbow Partners publishes the highly anticipated InsurTech Impact 25 Report.

Oxbow Partners’ Management Consulting team helps clients on growth, operations, technology and M&A. They excel where engagements span multiple practice areas and where they can combine their deep understanding of today’s market with insight into the drivers of change.

The Digital Decade

The 2020s are going to be an exciting decade for insurance; in this report Oxbow Partners called it the “digital decade”. Incumbents are finally going to be forced to face the technology challenges that have been put off for years. As one of their clients said, “we must now finally accept and address the ‘legacy debt’ that we have inherited from previous management teams.”

bsurance among 25 handpicked companies

Oxbow Partners Insurtech Impact 25 2020 - bsurance

The Oxbow Partners InsurTech Impact 25 is an annual list of 25 emerging technology-led businesses that Oxbow Partners believes are well placed to have an impact on the insurance industry. It is now in its third year.

Along with their Advisory Board of industry leaders, Oxbow Partners spent five months reviewing over 100 companies to select this year’s Members. They believe that their rigorous review process distinguishes the InsurTech Impact 25 from other company lists. Their track record suggests that their Members are truly the trailblazers.

Oxbow Partners deliberately choose companies from all parts of insurance, across the value chain, and at different stages of their life. This year’s Members have all demonstrated both traction in the market and a business model with potential.

The Oxbow Partners InsurTech Impact 25 has become an important report for insight into the rapidly evolving insurance technology landscape. My team and I value its trenchant analysis and the process with which Members are selected.

Tom van den Brulle, Global Head of Innovation at Munich Re and member of Oxbow Partners’ 2020 Advisory Board

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