The Ski Accident Insurance You Can Activate At The Ski Lift

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bsurance builds bancassurance solution for Raiffeisen

bsurance develops bancassurance solution for Raiffeisen

Thanks to a bancassurance solution from bsurance, customers of the biggest regional bank in Austria, Raiffeisen Landesbank Oberösterreich (RLBOOE), can now take out short-term ski accident insurance directly in the Blue Code payment app. This means easy and convenient access to insurance where and when it matters: on their way to the ski resort, when buying the ski pass or even directly in the ski lift. For €2.75 per day, the insurance pays in the event of a broken bone and covers any rescue costs, even by helicopter.


Implementation directly into Blue Code’s mobile payment app

For the technical implementation, the cloud-based insurance management platform developed by bsurance was connected to Blue Code’s mobile payment system via simple digital interfaces. The entire insurance management process is 100% digital. The bsurance platform also handles the entire billing process and provides the digital interface for claims settlement. The ski accident insurance itself was developed in close cooperation with RLBOOE and UNIQA in order to create a product with high customer value. UNIQA also acts as a risk carrier.

Insurance as an important element for successful ecosystems

Banking and insurance: a story with a long tradition. In many countries, banks are the largest insurance brokers and yet, many insurers and banks have still to discover the full potential of their corporation. Why would bank customers be the ideal target group for additional, simple insurance products?

Funktionierendes Banken-Ökosystem mit Versicherungsprodukten
  • Because of the relationship already in place with the bank. Consumers entrust banks with all their money and trust is one of the most important selection criteria for any product, period.
  • Because the majority of bank customers have already switched to handling their banking digitally.Banks have developed sophisticated banking and payment apps for their customers. Using this channel too expand the product offering with easy-to-buy insurance products is the next logical step.
  • Because banks can provide an ideal ecosystem. Today more than ever, customers value convenience, speed and ease of use. A popular example of a functioning ecosystem is Amazon. Initially an online bookstore, Amazon now offers close to everything imaginable. With their pivot role in society, banks can take on a similar role and expand their offer as a one-stop-shop for anything finance related.

bsurance enables banks to move away from analogue insurance offerings, to making insurance part of a fully digitalised and efficient customer journey.

Already second bancassurance insurance solution from bsurance

bsurance is a specialist in the field of digitalisation, individualisation and development of innovative insurance solutions. These are implemented in the simplest way via REST APIs in web shops, apps or even POS systems and are thus available exactly where it matters: directly at the point of sale. Franz-Xaver Burner, CSO & Co-Founder, who was responsible for the cooperation with RBLOOE, is pleased about the successful cooperation:

After embedding a buyer protection insurance with payment provider cashpresso, this is now already the second bancassurance cooperation and illustrates the potential and scalability of bsurance’s B2B2C business model. Access to the end customer is exclusively via B2C cooperation partners, such as in this case Raiffeisen Landesbank Oberösterreich and Blue Code.” 

Expansion and growth of bsurance continues

Founded at the end of 2017, bsurance is in the middle of its growth phase. Together with its corporation partners, it is already active in several EU countries, currently servicing over 20,000 customers. bsurance also has 16 ready-made insurance products that can be embedded in existing sales processes within a number of weeks. These products are not only relevant to banks or payment providers, but also for industries like retail, telecom, utilities, mobility, start-ups and insurance.

Relevance is shown through offering strong competitive differentiators, added value to products and services, increase of customer loyalty and trust and access to new revenue streams.

The low development costs and short development time of a few weeks allow for rapid reactions to constantly changing customer and market needs.

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