Did you know that every 25 minutes, one bike is stolen in Austria? The disappointing theft statistics show that last year 20 805 cases of bicycle theft were reported in Austria, meaning that, on average, 57 bikes have been stolen per day. The outcoming of many theft cases could be different if the proper measures were taken. Continue reading this article and learn more tips on how a dedicated bicycle insurance gets you covered and to drive worry-less on the road.

In Austria a bicycle is stolen every 25 minutes

5 Millions Use A Bicycle Regularly 

According to Austrian VCÖ data, from 3 million households in Austria, there is at least one bike per household. It is just topped with the fact that around 5 million of Austrian citizens use the bicycle on regular bases as the means of Mobility. Besides, the Austrian states of Salzburg and Vienna have even more bicycles than car households, and Niederösterreich has registered the highest number of bicycles with approximately 600.000 bikes. It has given the raise and indicates the real potential and influence of cycling for Mobility.

Group of cyclists
The use of bicycles is increasing steadily

45% Jump In Bicycle Usage In Vienna

Without any doubt, currently cycling is on its rise in Vienna, indicating that during the pandemic outbreak, there has been a “Radboom“ in Vienna. Compared to last year, bicycle usage has boomed in Vienna, with increase of 45% bicycle riders in May. Apart from the above mentioned, also the number of bought e-bikes in Austria is growing enormously, with more than 750.000 e-bikes registered in Austria. The above-mentioned numerical data outnumber the registered electrical cars, which is only 32.000, placing e-bike the most popular electrical vehicle among the consumers in Austria.

Whether you ride a bike regularly or just hit the local roads on weekends, keep in mind the number of tips on how to protect your bike from being stolen:

  • If possible, store your bike in a lockable room and to a firmly fixed to the ground object. Be alert for locking the bike at home, keeping in mind that household insurances cover bike theft from home only if it was locked to a fixed in the ground object.
  • Invest resources in a good locker and when possible, high-quality bike racks should be used.
  • Don’t leave the bike locker on the ground.
  • Use the opportunity and save your bicycle data in a bike pass.
  • Code or register your bike so that in case of bike theft, the police can quickly identify the owner.
  • To prevent risks, secure and cover your bicycle with separate bike insurance.

Bicycle Insurance – The Best Cover For Your Bicycle

In the case of bicycle theft, bike insurance will cover the caused financial loss. Your bike can be covered and protected whithin the household insurance, however, keep in mind that the bike is insured in the household insurance only being in places mentioned in the insurance policy (e.g.in the apartment, cellar, bicycle storage room or garage) and the loss is covered only in cases if the bike was locked to an object which was firmly fixed on the ground. Besides, there should be evidence of proof of a break-in. For other damages due to incidents and when a bike is stolen outside of the home, a sperate bike insurance contact can cover the loss.

Embedded Bicycle Insurance For Retailers By bsurance

Due to the rapid evolution in micro-mobility, consumers have started to invest more in bicycles and bike equipment. Last year Austrian consumers spent more than 480 million euros only on buying e-bikes. The speedy increasing trend of the micro-mobility has given the rise of bike insurance and creating the need for any retailer to differentiate and increase their product value by embedding the insurance cover for their stores and online offers. For consumers, an embedded insurance cover brings price advantages, more credibility, convenience, and satisfaction!

bsurance bicycle insurance
bsurance makes insurance easy

bsurance is a B2B2C insurance agent, integrating insurance products for embedded distribution. Our professional team has developed tailored solutions for integrating an insurance cover for bikes and e-bikes. Our group insurance cover for bicycles combines the individually negotiated conditions for every client with the optimal price-value premium. Learn more about our products, and contact us to receive the best solution for your business!