Thanks to technological developments, our society has been going through significant changes over the past few years. Changes, that are also impacting consumer expectations. People want easy access to all kinds of services and products, preferably directly on their smartphones. It is no longer the product itself that plays the most important role, but the place it occupies in the customer’s journey, in their daily life. Aware of this change, many companies have created innovation teams to help rethink and reshape their business models. Insurers are no exception, and we see impressive technological developments in the market, especially focused on making insurance more accessible and understandable to the consumer. However, what has not changed is the consumer’s interest in insurance itself.

The Invisible Insurance

Let’s be frank, it is not the insurance that interests us. What I mean to say is, even if we were to create the most accessible and simple insurance in the world, it won´t help get me up in the morning. It´s the innovative consumer goods that really have an emotional impact. They make us spend hours in front of a screen and it is there, where the insurance sector has a gigantic distribution opportunity. The time has come for invisible insurance; embedded insurance.

Insurance directly at the POS

Three Reasons For Selling Insurance Through Consumer Goods

Let’s have a look at the three most important reasons for the successful distribution through consumer goods.

  1. Relevance at the point of need 

The moment we truly evaluate all aspects of a product or service is just before purchasing it. In fact, from time to time we try to force the use of logical reasoning to control our emotions and not buy something. This is the reason for the success of loans and micro-financing and it is also the perfect time to offer or include insurance. Not to deceive consumers, but to offer relevant and added value at the point of need! Thanks to technology, this is now possible in real-time and further enhances the customer experience.

  1. Optimising the customer journey 

The second reason that goes hand in hand with relevance is optimising the customer journey. A vital part of it is the human need for security and protection; risk reduction. Including insurance relevant to the point of sale (e.g. a warranty extension for a television, theft insurance for a new bicycle, purchase and delivery protection for a new dress), without any interruption in the purchase process, represents tremendous value for the customer.

Thanks to the shared economy, subscription models have also had a major impact on customer interaction and their journey. Embedding insurance in these subscriptions gives additional security and value to the customer and increases the service experience from the first moment.

  1. Increasing customer confidence 

The raison d’être of the insurance sector is to offer protection. This protection gives confidence to the customer and creates loyalty, one of the most important things for any company. Hence the need to rethink where a consumer expects access to that protection. Not necessarily directly from an insurer, but far more logical, directly from a B2C company, included in their product or service. It not only helps the customer, but also guarantees a long-term relationship with many commercial opportunities.

Embedded Insurance Always Puts The Customer In The Center

Customer centricity means that we care about creating a seamless customer experience that meets wishes, expectations and needs. bsurance is an InsurTech that was created with this vision: Offer simple, honest and relevant insurance, integrated at the point of need!