At the beginning of 2020, the whole world got shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak that has gripped the world in its deadly tentacles. Even though this summer is packed with the maximum safety precautions in place, chartering a yacht is one of the safest and most adventurous summer holiday ideas! You ask us why?

Is yacht charter the safest way to spend your holiday by the sea?

Due to the current safety measures and unpredictable changes correlating with the coronavirus pandemic, the flight companies delay jets; airlines are closing down, bringing unnecessary worry and incomprehension among the travellers. Such exotic destinations like the Bahamas, Seychelle Island are out of the reach this year. Why not stay on the safe side, enjoying the rocky coasts washed by the cleanest Adriatic Sea in Croatia or dreamy Mediterranean Sea waters in Greece that are right in front of you?

We are introducing our yacht chartering article series, providing most topical information on the rise of yacht charter inquiries as to the safest post coronavirus summer holiday option and in the upcoming articles evaluating best coverage options available on the market, and to-do list before making the decision to enjoy your summer holidays safely – chartering yacht! Read the blog post until the end and find four reasons to charter a yacht in post coronavirus summer season!

Why to charter a yacht for this summer holiday?

  1. Safety first – chartering a yacht is acknowledged as one of the safest and socially distanced holiday options. Unlike in Cruise ships, the interactions between individuals or fellow travellers can be controlled more comfortably and straightforwardly, meeting all necessary social distancing guidelines. Besides, Croatia and Greece have been named as one of the most precautious countries in terms of dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.
  2. Simple and straightforward procedure – Thanks to the available solutions in the market, you can book and do all necessary yacht chartering procedures online, being just a few clicks away from your adventurous holiday. You can always rely on professional advice and personal services online, chartering the yacht of your dreams and Boat-Surance ensuring safe and convenient yacht charter deposit and cancellation insurance online!
  3. Be always informed – keep in mind, that in the post-coronavirus period, the information is still the key. As the coronavirus outbreak has left no country untouched, be always informed about the COVID-19 situation update in each state with Coronavirus briefings by World Health Organization (WHO) or the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention websites!
  4. Port and location accessibility – as yachting stands for roaming freely, at sea, you can always be flexible, adapting not only to the weather conditions and wind but also to change the route and port where you want to anchor. You can always find up-to-date information about the harbour accessibility here.
Safety must always come first

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, even though this summer season is far from a normal one, stuffed with safety precautions and guidelines, there are many reasons why to say yes for a safe and unforgettable summer vacation while chartering a yacht in Adriatic or Mediterranean waters. You will be rewarded with a perfect and worry-less holiday, fulfilled with great memories that will be remembered for the next years to come!

Enjoy your sailing holiday!

Thanks for reading our article posted on August 5th, 2020. Please note that this content is intended for information purposes only. As the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 change regularly, you should refer to your state legislation and/or an advisor for specific terms and conditions of your charter cancellation policy.