Today, as the world gets used to the “new normal” and wakes up in the post-pandemic period, the tourism and yachting industry is readapting, concentrating on providing safety and social distancing for the travelers.

Chartering a yacht is an ideal way to get away from crowds and social distance!

As we mentioned in our previous article, chartering a yacht is an ideal way to get away from crowds and social distance while enjoying and visiting out-the-radar spots. This article will provide a comprehensive overview covering topical information related to safe yacht chartering during the era of social distancing or so-called post-COVID holiday season.

While planning a trip

Chartering a yacht is acknowledged as one of the safest ways of traveling in post-pandemic times. With only a few crew members and guests on board, the travelers’ safety is ensured, staying in a safe and sanitary environment, while limiting the risk of external contact where risk could be brought. Indeed, the potential risk might be higher during your trip via plane or public transport to the embarkation port than chartering a yacht. 

Chartering a yacht in era of social distancing

Currently, yacht chartering companies are implementing all safety procedures needed to protect crew members and guests. It includes the regular maintenance and disinfection of the yachts before boarding and guaranteeing the highest hygiene standards.  

Feel always safe on the board!

Apart from mentioned above, charter companies are very open and customer-friendly, offering free cancellation policies designed to safeguard the customers in these times of uncertainty. Besides the charter cancellation insurance is a great and secure alternative, ensuring security and coverage for skippers and mariners, if the booked trip cannot be commenced for unforeseeable reasons. 

Keep Finger on the Information Pulse

Keep in mind that chartering a yacht in times of pandemic won’t be that simple and easy. The ability to charter a yacht will depend on the restrictions and safety measures imposed by the country. Therefore, always keep one finger on the pulse, being informed on the latest travel restrictions, public health, and safety measures set by the local authorities. To allow the tourists to make responsible decisions related to the COVID-19 outbreak while planning the holidays and travels during the summer period, the EU Commission has launched the Re-open EU platform, which supports safe relaunch of traveling and tourism across Europe.

Be always information up-to-date!

To sum up, although the world has only now started to wake up from its quarantined slumber, yacht charters are considered as the safest and best traveling options, with all necessary sanitary standards provided and free cancellation and rescheduling policies designed for the travelers. With yacht charter, you can travel worry-less, visiting out-of-radar places, and making the best out of post-COVID summer holidays!