The Austrian InsurTech start-up bsurance and strategy and business management consultancy Exton Consulting have developed the first joint industry whitepaper ‘’Digital Bancassurance. Ready to take-off?’. The whitepaper aims to enlighten the bancassurance industry’s current status and showcase the emerging opportunities for digital bancassurance.

White paper content

The whitepaper content sheds a light on a slowly awakening industry covering three questions in particular – the current state of the bancassurance in Europe, how can digital revive the Bancassurance model and what are the fundamental opportunities associated with it. Lastly, with two bsurance use cases, the whitepaper illustrates how embedded insurance can take the bancassurance model to the next level.

Whitepaper Digital Bancassurance. Bereit für die Zukunft?

As a result, the joint white-paper covers the extensive research, representing the important data of the growth of industry, sharing four emerging opportunities of bancassurance models, and benefits embedded insurance can bring to the bancassurance. The whitepaper intends to educate and reassure organizations to explore the potential of the bancassurance and benefits model brings to the organization.

The whitepaper is available in English and available for downloading here


The Austrian InsurTech start-up bsurance was founded in November 2017 and specialises in B2B2C business models in the insurance sector. Strategic partners, product providers and risk carriers include UNIQA, Munich Re, AXA Partners, R+V and Allianz Partners. bsurance focuses on implementing customised insurance products directly into the sales channels of companies with a high transaction volume or a large customer base.