The year 2021 has become memorable for the whole Insurtech scene. The industry’s market soared to new, unprecedented heights, in the second quarter exceeding investment of 1.9 billion dollars and reaching an all-time high – an increase by 180 percent! Impressive, right?

And with an exceptional and exciting year, bsurance was not left behind. How did it go? See bsurance’s wrap-up of 2021 achievements!

Recognition and awards

First, we are proud, excited, and humbled by the awards and recognition we received last year. To begin with, bsurance got listed in Digital Top 100 – Insurtechs to Watch list, positioned amongst the top hundred influential insurtechs expected to reshape the insurance sector in the near future. Next, bsurance has been named the Best InsurTech brand of 2021 by the Global brands’ award, followed by recognition and mention in the InsurTech 100 list issued by Fintech Global.In addition, bsurance was listed in Future50 Europe rating by InsurTech Insights, amongst the most innovative insurtechs, disrupting the European Insurance sector.

bsurance has also been recognized in the startup scene, spotted by EU startups amongst the TOP 10 Austrian startups to watch in 2021 and beyond!  Last but not least, with embedded solutions provided, bsurance won the UBS Future of Finance Challenge under the App Stores and Platforms category! The year couldn’t have been better!

bsurance got listed in Future50 Europe ranking, issued by InsurTech Insights

Reports, reports, reports..

We enjoy sharing our knowledge, seeing an impact on end-users and witnessing being recognised in industry reports. To start with, the recent InsTech London report ‘Parametric insurance: 2021 outlook and the companies to watch’ investigates the history and the future of parametric insurance, listing companies to watch in 2021 and beyond, bsurance placing amongst them.

Proudly, bsurance continued to increase its media footprint by being listed in the Instech London report on “Insurance: to Embed, or not to Embed” examining the embedded insurance means in theory and practice and the opportunities it brings to market.

It is also worth mentioning that bsurance was listed in two reports made by global data platform Dealroom, “The state of European Insurtech 2021” and “Startups pioneering parametric solutions for simpler and faster insurance.” 


If you follow bsurance’s social media, you probably have seen a peek of our expansion into France, Spain, and the Nordic region, growing our operations in new and exciting areas. To drive this expansion in the Nordics, former Rubicon Partnership Manager, Cisela Klahr, joined bsurance to increase the consumer orientation when it comes to insurance solutions.

Also, we’re delighted to share our recent partnerships. bsurance recently partnered up with a leading financial institution in Spain, CaixaBank, bringing embedded insurance to the Spanish banking industry. Furthermore, we have partnered with Amodo, a connected insurance platform, providing the automotive industry’s first digital, usage-based solutions (UBI – usage based insurance) – designed to make buying car insurance faster and easier for consumers. How exciting is that?!

Concluding remarks

To wrap up, 2021 has been an exciting yet challenging year for bsurance, full of opportunities and remarkable achievements. We are proud to see and reflect on our achievements and are thankful to all team members for their hard work, as much as we are grateful for our partners and customers for trusting us and our solutions.

We wish you a happy 2022 and look forward to new and exciting opportunities this year, making insurance simple, accessible and easy!