It’s been one year since bsurance got one addition richer. Cisela Klahr joined the growth team, motivated for a new professional challenge bringing over thirteen years of experience working in the Business Development discipline. 

What is it like to work in an Insurtech startup? To wrap up the impressions and insights after a one-year working at bsurance, we spoke to Cisela.

How did you learn about bsurance?

I knew Lorenz, the founder of bsurance, from the time I worked at Microsoft because we have been working together, as he was the CEO of one of the partner companies that I was managing. Then, one day I noticed on LinkedIn that Lorenz had included the “I’m hiring” section in his profile.

A couple of weeks later, I saw an advert for a job in the growth team, and I decided to connect with Lorenz and ask if the position is still open. So naturally, I applied, and I was lucky to become a part of the growth team. Now I´m here and happy about it ever since. 

What sparked your interest in joining bsurance?

I have worked in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations before, but I have never joined a startup. So my motivation was to discover a startup niche and as I knew the CEO with his qualities and professionalism, these were also factors that sparked my interest. 

That said, the opportunity to try something new and the fact that the company is driving change and innovation in such a traditional field really got my attention! 

Cisela representing bsurance in VivaTech, Paris

You have been in bsurance for a year. Could you tell us how this experience has been so far and how it is different from others?

Working at bsurance opened my eyes to a whole new world – the start-up world. In the first couple of months, I learned to navigate the start-up scene. I love the start-up spirit at bsurance, the optimism, the feeling of doing business with a purpose, and what makes bsurance stand out is focus and care for its employees. Employee wellbeing is a priority here – for real and not just a phrase used for recruiting. I have had the great luck to have great colleagues throughout my career, and I am thrilled to say –  bsurance is no exemption.

What do you like about the bsurance?

First, I love the company culture, its openness, and the respect that employees have for each other. Apart from that, we also have a lot of fun – not only as a team, but the whole company. As we are a small company, the size helps us to cooperate flawlessly, knowing each other very well. Secondly, the Insurtech Business is a dynamic environment that gives me a feeling of constantly evolving, which is very exciting. 

In conclusion, we asked Cisela what advice she would give to someone that is considering joining bsurance. Without hesitation, she added – just reach out and talk to bsurance team. If you are up for the new challenges, motivated by a fast-paced and exciting environment, and willing to revolutionize the insurance sector, then bsurance is a perfect place for that!