Partnership between bsurance and refurbed enables consumers to instantly get tailored embedded insurance for refurbished product purchases

We are excited to share our latest project, together with our longtime partner reforbed! We are honored that refurbed keeps choosing bsurance as it’s partner in growing across Europe, allowing for sustainable refurbished electronics to be “worry-free”.

The partnership’s goal is to make buying refurbished products even safer for consumers by adding an extra layer of insurance protection. Customers, who buy products such as mobiles, laptops and tablets will be offered the option to immediately gain tailored insurance quotes for breakage, glass, loss or water damage at checkout. The insurance, which is offered by bsurance partner Allianz, will provide cover for up to three years.

Refurbed, which is present in Germany, Austria, Ireland and Italy, is the fastest growing marketplace for renewed products. The tie up with bsurance is one of the first applications of embedded insurance in the refurbished electronics sector and marks an expansion of bsurance’s offering to Italy.

Since integration work was completed in January, refurbed has reported 30% month-on-month growth of consumers choosing to buy insurance cover.

Peter Windischhofer from refurbed, said: “This partnership represents one of the first ever uses of embedded insurance in the refurbished electronics sector”. 

Bsurance and refurbed hope to expand the partnership in the future to include cyber security, mobile virus and fraud insurance.

The partnership with refurbed follows our recent embedded insurance projects with Amodo to create AI-driven car insurance products, Kika/Leiner to provide omnichannel insurance cover and collaboration with Caixabank to develop embedded life insurance products.