Have you bought a new laptop at the electronics store and kept the receipt in the drawer? Perhaps the receipt will be needed for possible warranty or insurance claims. It’s very common that the printed receipt gradually fades away in the drawer and is therefore neither useful for the warranty nor for the insurance. Speaking of insurance, have I added, at the checkout process, insurance in case of damage to my new laptop?

These pain points and manual processes are still common today, and yet such processes are becoming more and more digital to increasingly avoid technology disruptions. More and more consumers are replacing manual with digital touchpoints. We are motivated to shop online, independently scan products at the self-checkout, or pay by smartphone. But in the end, a receipt is printed out on environmentally harmful thermal paper that often ends up in the trash. And more than once we try looking for it in the drawer or bag, with little to no luck.

The cooperation between bsurance and anybill offers an excellent solution: anybill delivers the digital receipt exactly where consumers need it- online, and bsurance makes insurance easy by giving consumers access to relevant and simple digital insurance products directly at the point of sale.

How do integrated insurance policies on the digital receipt work?

Embedded Insurance is defined as insurance policies that are offered as a package with other products or services (Handelsblatt 2021), and are experiencing a megatrend in the world of digitization. In conjunction with the digital receipt, this means that relevant insurance policies appear in combination with the purchase details on the digital receipt. Consumers thus have the digital receipt and the additional insurance in one place. The digital receipt is less likely to get lost than the printed receipt, and in the event of damage, the receipt and insurance are both easy to find.

bsurance offers a range of digital B2B2C insurance solutions that can be adapted for any service or product and embedded directly at the point of sale. In doing so, bsurance connects people with the right insurance product directly at the point of need – with anybill- on the digital receipt.

Embedded insurance also offers numerous advantages, customer trust is strengthened by making insurance more accessible and tailored to individual needs. Not only the insurance is embedded into an existing customer journey, but also the claim management and processing. This means a smoother customer experience, no need to contact an external insurance broker, and thus a greater sense of security and trust in the brand, which then leads to higher retention rates and revenue growth.

Alexandra Lüke, CPO at anybill, on the cooperation with bsurance:

“Embedded insurance which is made possible by bsurance is an example of the extent to which the digital checkout receipt will be indispensable for the connected retail of the future. Insurances digitally directly on the digital receipt – that is the future of retail. We are delighted about the partnership with bsurance.

anybill is excited about the cooperation with bsurance and looks forward to the future of Connected Retail. anybill stands for partnerships – because we are convinced that together we are better.”

Lorenz Gräff, CEO of bsurance, on embedded insurance at the point of sale:

“Digitizing insurance to match people’s daily life events is one of our key drivers. anybill’s ability to fully digitize cash receipts not only creates an advantage in terms of protecting our environment but also ensures seamless integration of all necessary information into the digital world of consumers.

The partnership between anybill and bsurance combines the two technical platforms in such a way that the optimal insurance cover can be taken out completely digitally at the right time and in the right context.”

The partnership with anybill is the latest milestone for bsurance’s strategic partnerships with leading organizations in various fields, such as Amodo (AI-driven mobility insurance products) and AAZZUR (Bancassurance offers for digital banks and Fintechs).