And just like that, 2022 is coming to an end. No doubt, this year has been challenging for all of us, but at the same time, it brought us new perspectives and appreciation for the things we have, speeding up our personal and business growth and adaptability in a currently rocky market. 

The InsurTech industry is constantly evolving, soaring to new heights and hitting a record for investments, with an increase of almost two hundred percent. In the meanwhile, the focus from incumbent insurers as well as from B2C business lines into Embedded Insurance to enhance their business models has grown continuously.  

For bsurance 2022 has been an exceptional year, full of stimulating events, new and exciting partnerships, as well as recognition. So before we all start preparing New Year’s resolutions and turn our gaze to 2023, let’s have a look back at bsurance’s year 2022. 

Return to In-person events

After almost two virtual pandemic years; the bsurance team was happy to return to in-person events, meeting old friends and getting to know new businesses and potential partners. Throughout the year, the bsurance team has visited nine countries, attending thirteen events. 

The year started off with the Semana del Seguro conference, gathering over 3 000 participants in Spain’s capital Madrid. The event list was followed by Europe’s largest and most influential InsurTech conference, InsurTech Insights, where bsurance´s Managing Director Hermann Fried participated in a panel discussion alongside industry leaders like Arma Karma, iptiQ, and wefox.

And let’s not forget bsurance attendance at the DIA Amsterdam and DIA Munich conferences, taking the stage in the Show&Tell sessions, with Gearbooker and Shayp case studies inspiring and connecting with the hundreds of attendees at the event. Besides the events mentioned above, our Business Development Manager Cisela Klahr conquered Northern Europe by attending some of the most prominent FinTech events – the Stockholm and Nordic Fintech weeks. 

Hermann Fried participating in the InsurTech insights panel discussion “Is Embedded Insurance the future of consumer distribution?”

Of course, we can not forget about the most attended InsurTech and FinTech events in the DACH region, like Versicherungsforen Leipzig and Digital Finance Conference or so-called #digifin22,  one of the most prominent finance conferences in Germany’s capital of Tech,  Berlin. 

Awards, awards, awards..

bsurance´s 2022 has been busy and productive, launching new, exciting projects and building new partnerships. We are proud to see that our hard work paid off not only with successful use cases but also with recognition from our partners and leading organizations. This year we won the Elevator Lab challenge, powered by Raiffeisen International Bank, allowing us to partner up with Tatra Banka and develop a PoC to advance embedded insurance into the retail banking space. How exciting!

But we didn’t stop there; in June bsurance won the challenge by Parisian law firm Klein Wenner and as a result, we were invited to attend VivaTech Paris as a part of the French-German Tech Lab, meeting professionals from all the edges of the tech world. After the event, we didn’t bring only new perspectives at home but also an award – being named as one of the Most Promising startups for Enterprise Solutions!

Our New Partnerships

But that is not all, we are also very proud of bsurance team’s achievements in bringing embedded insurance solutions forward throughout Europe. At the beginning of the year, we partnered up with Gearbooker, Europe’s first P2P equipment hire platform for the creative industry, tackling the complexity of insurance legislation and regulation in Europe. Whereas spring 2022 brought us not only flowers – we rolled out Embedded Insurance products in Italy with our longstanding partner refurbed, and we also teamed up with anybill, a German startup that enables digital invoice processing.

Last but not least, we have formed a new partnership with Belgium-based startup Shayp, which focuses its efforts on improving water efficiency standards in buildings, offering insurance for buildings that promotes a careful use of water, transforming society´s habits and the housing industry as it is today.

bsurance and Shayp take the stage at DIA Show & Tell and presents the use case 

We had the pleasure of participating in the Kickstart Innovation Programme 2022, together with some of the hottest Fintech startups in Europe. And, after our successful participation in the Startup Accelerator Patch 2021, we are particularly proud to now be an official member of Insurlab Germany.

It is hard to summarize the whole of 2022 in one blog article, but it was certainly an eventful and productive year for bsurance team, rich with new, exciting opportunities and learning throughout the whole year. We are beholden to our team’s persistent and hard work and our supporters and clients for continuous trust, tackling business challenges with embedded insurance solutions. 

The entire bsurance team wishes you a Merry Christmas, a grand farewell to the old year, and like embedded insurance solutions, a transparent, successful, and prosperous New 2023 Year!