In our busy world, there is no better way to truly step off the grid and disconnect than being on a boat. Just being able to savor the sun gleaming in the water, listening to the waves crashing against the boat’s hull, enjoying the soothing and silent environment. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to plan for summer vacation and book the boat of our dreams.

The world’s leading charter boat booking platform, makes these dreams a reality, so we can all enjoy the spellbinding beauty of cruising the oceans, sailing from secluded beaches to bustling ports, and choose the route ourselves. They offer their customers simplicity in the selection of the right boat and an easy booking process and caters to both the seasoned sailor with a license, renting only the boat, as well as to customers without sailing experience, hiring a boat with a skipper and optional crew. 

And let’s be honest, a vacation at sea on a beautiful, rented yacht far away from the stress of everyday life sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Beach and Sea

However, an unlucky accident might cost you the whole security depot and turn the dream vacation into an expensive affair. To protect their customers from unexpected and unpleasant surprises, the yacht chartering agency entered a partnership with bsurance and Baloise to offer all customers an optional boat deposit insurance. The insurance launched at the end of January and is already a success.

Guaranteed piece of mind

There is a high customer demand and a large market potential for the charter boat deposit insurance as it ensures peace of mind, regardless of what might happen during the sailing tour and who is steering the ship.

So the choice to work together with bsurance and Baloise, both leading experts in the field of embedded insurance, proved to be a good one as the solution could be implemented in a very short time. 

Frederik Schwerdfeger, Product Manager Operations & B2B at the yacht charter agency, describes the collaboration like this:

“bsurance and Baloise made it possible to get from idea to product launch in only 2 months. It’s been a pleasure working towards, and finally launching, a new digital insurance product for the nautical charter industry. I am looking forward to continue the work with bsurance and Baloise to launch more iterations and products in the future.”


An important part of a boat charter is the possibility of absolute freedom on your vacation, your accommodation taking you where you want to go, choosing where to anchor and deciding on the route yourself. But not all of us are fortunate enough to own a boat or even a sailing license ourselves and this is where we are glad to turn to rental charter platforms to cover our needs. This way, the existing charter yachts are used more, which leads to more sustainability. Insurance partner Baloise believe strongly in the sharing economy for the future and Robert Bargmann, Directeur International Non-Life Baloise, puts it like this:

“With the yacht charter agency we could once again demonstrate the strength of sharing “can-do” approaches for providing insurance coverage where it is needed, when it is needed and so further improving customer experience.

Together with bsurance, Baloise is glad to provide a solid embedded solution in the evolving sharing economy.”

How does the charter deposit insurance work?

The deposit insurance is a smart and affordable way to get back a partial or full deposit in case of unexpected damage to the chartered yacht during the trip and protects the renter and the crew from the loss of the deposit due to damage to the boat, stolen or lost equipment.

The insurance can easily be added during the booking, as it is fully integrated in the customer journey. It can also be added after the booking, needing only the booking code and the travel dates.

The beauty of the insurance is that it is available for all customers, hence offering a solution across the borders. This is also one of the aspects that Lorenz Graeff, CEO and founder of bsurance, wants to highlight: 

“Very proud of the cooperation with the yacht charter agency and Baloise! Together we created a relevant offering for all customers. Working closely with a German partner and an insurance carrier from Luxembourg, this launch underlines bsurance’s strength in implementing cross border solutions.”

Champagne with two glasses

Thanks to the new charter boat deposit insurance, bsurance and Baloise help the yacht charter agency to ensure that all their customers can fully enjoy their well-deserved vacation on board.

Now nothing is standing in the way between you and your next boat charter holiday at sea!

This partnership comes just a few months after the launch of another cross-border partnership with Europe’s first peer-to-peer (P2P) audio visual equipment rental platform Gearbooker for a fully integrated equipment insurance.