Elisabeth Mistelbauer

Elisabeth Mistelbauer

Head of Claims Management

Your Tasks
Which concrete tasks are you responsible for?

I take care of the processing of claims. bsurance offers fully digitalized insurance products at the point of sale. In the event of a claim, this is also handled digitally – without media discontinuity. This saves the customer the usual paperwork and reduces the effort to a minimum.

The Challenges
What are the challenges in your position?

A claim is always the moment when the promises of the insurance company are put to the test.

On the one hand, today’s customers expect barrier-free access to insurance benefits preferably on platforms they already use and know.

On the other hand, sales partners and insurers – keyword cybercrime – must increasingly protect their systems from external networks such as the Internet. They can hardly meet expectations of potential customers. The administration of the insured customer relationship and claims can be digitized by us. bsurance thus builds the technological bridge and guarantees the secure handling of customer data within the legally required framework conditions.

The Industry
You have been in the insurance industry for 20 years: what has changed?

Until 2000, digitisation was a buzzword from another world. Signing an insurance contract via the Internet was a purely exotic topic.

The hype of Internet technologies was also perceived by insurers as a failure. The dotcom bubble showed us what happens to companies that only dedicate themselves to new technologies without a professional basis. We have learned that technology alone is no business.

For insurance sales, the comparison platforms for insurance products on the Internet were a very concrete indication that digitization is having a concrete impact on the insurance market.

The claims management process has been and continues to be dominated by pure specialist knowledge. Insurance companies have further sharpened the processes by using various technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to prevent fraud.

Nevertheless, the new technological possibilities can only be perceived by companies to a limited extent. The bridge between the partly outdated systems and the beautiful new technology is often missing here.

What is the difference for you between a corporate group and the start-up world?

Personally, I see great differences in the daily cooperation. At bsurance I work with colleagues who have 10 to 20 years of experience in their fields. The essential part for me is that they all have different strengths based on their professional experience, which we combine on a daily basis. I am of course happy to be able to find solutions with my colleagues without detours. The biggest difference is above all: the digitalization of processes and special products is implemented quickly and flexibly. This results in an increase in earnings in the same calendar year.

The bsurance Solution
Why does a good product need insurance?

Quite simply, the product is upgraded, the attractiveness is increased, digital technologies enable cross-selling at the customer’s request during the shopping process, without additional effort.

And by using digital technologies we can reduce the administrative burden associated with insurance to an expected level.

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