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Embedded Insurance bundles protection and coverage with any purchase of products or services.

It is an emerging distribution model of insurance for 21st century customers and insurers, with a potential to reach a market size of $3 Trillion by 2030.

 Our products and user experience help every enterprise enhance a sense of trust, protection, and satisfaction, which result in higher conversion and retention rates, increased revenue and differentiation from competitors.

Use Case:
Embedded Insurance for Sustainable Electronics

refurbed.com in an online marketplace which enables people to buy sustainable electronics at a fair price by offering used and refurbished electronics in their online shop.

bsurance embedded into the buying process a fully digitalized mobile device insurance which enhances a sense of security and trust in the product and barnd.

    One Solution, Many Benefits:
    • Full digitized integration- fits to new generations of customers
    • Scalability- potential to roll out to different countries and additional product ranges with ease
    • +15% growth in policy buyers, additional revenue while increasing trust and loyalty

    Industry in the spotlight:

    Banking and Insurance go a long way together, as the combination, also known as Bancassurance, offers added value to all sides involved:

    • Customers benefit from an enhanced sense of security via a provider they already know and trust- their bank
    • Banks benefit from greater loyalty and increased revenues from policy Premiums
    • Insurers benefit from an increase in customer base as well as premiums, with no sale costs.

    Embedded Insurance for financial agencies offers an even greater opportunity for all sides- using real-time data to offer the right insurance products at the right time and place. 

    How is it done?

    Read our Whitepaper on Embedded Bancassurance.

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