Accelerate your business potential with embedded insurance

How do we do it?

Listed among last year’s top trends, embedded insurance is relevant protection integration in the product or service. Embedded insurance has an enormous potential to add value to e-commerce and retail markets by increasing loyalty and trust, where and when it matters.

How do we do it?

The insurance products are seamlessly woven into the customer’s journey, offering simple, transparent, and relevant insurance, embedded at the point of need.

Added value to the offering

Utility and Telecom providers like Elektrum, Tet, EDF, ENEL, Iberdrole and other players are helping to secure their customers financial stability and adding value to their business offering by embedding payment protection services.
bsurance kooperiert mit AXA Partners und cashpresso


Added Value

Personalised offerings that allow you to add more value for your customers and be there for them where and when it matters most


Solution implementation within 4-8 weeks

Customer loyalty

Fair and relevant protection result in higher trust, stickiness and loyalty

Resource-friendly solution

Low customer acquisition costs and resource-friendly solutions through direct API-integration

We can develop the best solution for your business

Cisela Klahr

Business Development Manager

Cisela Klahr

Languages: English, German, Swedish, Danish