Embedded insurance

Embedding Insurance At the Point of Sale

Embedded Insurance

Embedded Insurance provides coverage of the purchase of an individual product or service. Our integrated insurance solutions are adjustable to any service, product or business needs. bsurance product and convenient user experience, it helps every enterprise enhance the customers' feelings of trust, protection, and safety.  bsurance embedded insurance solution is an easily adjustable and perfect fit for any B2C platform - from e-commerce stores, local shops to shared economy platforms.


Real time data analytics

We take pride in our fast-paced time-to-market while working together with our partners to develop the best solution based on their clients' needs on real-time data analytics.

Quickly deployable solution

We take care of the entire product design process, developing a self-service API, underwriting and claim management, all in up to 8 weeks.

Credible and efficient solutions among our customers

Our insurance solutions allow businesses to provide unique user experience to the consumers and enjoying the all the business benefits bsurance solutions brings.

Increased revenue growth

Increased retention rate by 10% and increased customer lifecycle value by providing safety, peace-of-mind, and next-generation insurance solutions to the end-customers.

Easily adjustable and globally scalable

Our product is applicable for various B2C platforms - starting from retail, e-commerce, transportation, travel, automotive, utilities, banks, and payment providers to shared economy platforms. With bsurance, say hello to an efficient and quickly deployable insurance solution, scaling up your business globally and immediately.