Embedded Insurance

Helping businesses grow their customer-base and revenue by fully digitalising and embedding insurance products directly at the Point of Sale.

What We Do

We are helping companies to make their clients happier, increase customer loyalty and grow revenues. We do that by fully digitalising and embedding insurance where it really matters: directly at the Point of Sale.

We’ll find the relevant insurance solution for your products or services, connect the right insurer, design an API that seamlessly connects to your platform and handle the claims process once needed.

"Embedding the insurance products into our customer journey was quite straight forward. It took us two weeks to develop and another week to test end-to-end. The APIs of bsurance are quite well documented, so that helped us a lot!"

Paul Varga playbrush
Paul Varga
CEO & Co-Founder

"We have decided to embed insurance to our offer to guarantee our customers at refurbed a complete protection for their refurbed™ device. The cooperation with bsurance is friendly, personal and most important: reliable."

Daniel H. Logar - refurbed
Daniel H. Logar
Specialist for New BizDev

"We see Embedded Insurance as one of the major trends in the insurance industry. In order to realise such B2B2C models, a flexible and digital IT platform is required. bsurance was able to provide this for UNIQA within a few weeks".

Dr. Andreas Nemeth, UNIQA Ventures
Dr. Andreas Nemeth
UNIQA Ventures

Our Solutions

We digitize, individualize, and develop innovative insurance products, embedding it for checkout systems, applications, or online stores.

Embedded Insurance​

Embedded Insurance bundles coverage or protections within the purchase of a product, service, or platform. It helps every brand to enhance the feelings of trust, protection and safety.


We are enabling insurance carriers to speed up their digital transformation, fully automating end-2-end processes using our cloud-based insurance management platform.

Your Benefits

Added Value

Become a brand that enables protection and security to their customers.

Revenue Growth

Use insurance products for up-selling or introducing new services.


Hold a competitive advantage and a greater value proposition.

Customer Loyalty

Increase customer lifecycle value and retention by providing safety and peace-of-mind.

100% Digital

No paperwork or phone calls, only fully digitalised insurance solutions.


Enrich your ecosystem with fully digitalised insurance products that support your line of services.


Our embedded insurance is ready within weeks.


No medium or channel change along the full insurance management process.

How We Do It


We develop simple insurance products that are designed for fully digital processes.


We connect with businesses and insurers via REST APIs.


Our cloud-based digital platform issues policies in real-time and takes care of billing, and handling of claims.

Why bsurance?


Our highly experienced team consists of insurance and digitalisation experts with an average of almost 20 years of experience and share one philosophy: fair and relevant insurance solutions in the right context.


We take care of the entire process, from finding the right insurance products, to finding the relevant insurer, building the needed technology and API as well as managing the entire claim process.

Speed Matters

We are quick, agile and adaptable. Our average time-2-market is 6 weeks.


We take pride in our diversity, from different business fields and sectors to different countries and cultures, our diversity enables innovative problem-solving and creativity.