About Us

We are bsurance, an Austrian-based Insurtech start-up headquartered in Vienna

We Help Businesses To Scale Up

We specialize in B2B2C projects, helping businesses to scale-up, growing their customer base and revenue by embedding cloud-based insurance products directly at the Point of the Sale.

By providing customised and digitalised insurance solutions, we contribute to speed each client’s digital transformation up, unleashing the full business potential.

Our team

Our knowledge and eagerness to create fair and relevant solutions for complex business problems unite the bsurance team. We are entrepreneurs and experts with many years of experience in insurance, sales, project development, marketing, and the digitalisation of business. 

On the other hand, as our team holds several decades of accumulated experience in the insurance sector, we aspire to lead insurance companies into the future of insurance – by digitalised self-service platforms with integrated automated processes resulting in convenient customer experience.

Our vision

To become Leading Digital B2B2C Insurance Platform.

In collaboration with our partners, we build sustainable business ecosystems while connecting end-users with fair, relevant cloud-based insurance products: embedded at the right time and context.

We believe that diversity is an asset and take pride in our multicultural and multi-disciplined team members. bsurance team consists of experienced experts with the background in insurance, sales, project development, marketing, and scaling up and digitalising businesses from different industry sectors. Meet us!

We value people who show a real passion for what they do, and who inspire that passion in colleagues and customers. Be part of the bsurance team working in an exciting and international environment, accelerating your personal growth in developing the relevant and effective solutions for sophisticated problems insurers, B2C´s face. 

Want to grow together with bsurance?

Our team of experts is always happy to listen and share ideas on how we can partner and help you to increase customer happiness.