About us

We are entrepreneurs and experts with many years of experience in the areas of insurance, sales, project development, marketing, and in the digitalisation of business.

On the other hand, as our team holds several decades of accumulated experience in the insurance sector, we aspire to lead insurance companies into the future of insurance – fully digitized and self-service platforms fully digitalised and with automated processes built for a perfect customer experience.

Our Vision​

Making Insurance Relevant, Fair and Simple.

In cooperation with partners, we build sustainable ecosystems by connecting their customers with fair and relevant insurance products: embedded at the right time and in the right context.


We believe that diversity is an asset, and take pride in our multicultural and multi-disciplined team members.


We value people who show a real passion for what they do, and who inspire that passion in colleagues and customers.


We want to provide you with a sound basis for your reporting and make it as easy as possible for you to report about us.


Our team of experts are always happy to listen and share ideas on how we can partner and help you increase customer happiness.