B2C Partners

As a B2B2C company, we help B2Cs to add insurance abilities to their platforms and products. 

We work with B2Cs from all sectors, from digital marketplaces to utility and telecommunications businesses, major retail brands and new startups, we can also serve governmental and NGO organizations, unions and societies. 

Our fully digitized insurance capacities make it simple and easy for us to tailor the perfect product to every industry and business size.

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Our B2C Partners

What Our Partners Say

"Embedding the insurance products into our customer journey was quite straight forward. It took us two weeks to develop and another week to test end-to-end. The APIs of bsurance are quite well documented, so that helped us a lot!"

Paul Varga playbrush
Paul Varga
CEO & Co-Founder

"We have decided to embed insurance to our offer to guarantee our customers at refurbed a complete protection for their refurbed™ device. The cooperation with bsurance is friendly, personal and most important: reliable."

Daniel H. Logar - refurbed
Daniel H. Logar
Specialist for New BizDev

"We see Embedded Insurance as one of the major trends in the insurance industry. In order to realise such B2B2C models, a flexible and digital IT platform is required. bsurance was able to provide this for UNIQA within a few weeks".

Dr. Andreas Nemeth, UNIQA Ventures
Dr. Andreas Nemeth
UNIQA Ventures