Embedded Insurance

Embedded Insurance bundles coverage or protections within the purchase of a product, service, or platform. That means the insurance product is not sold to the customer ad hoc, but is instead provided as a native feature.

We take pride in our agile and fast time-to-market, usage of AI and automation techniques as well as the ‘next wave of technology’. 

We emphasis working together with our partners on the best solution to their clients’ needs based on real-time data analytics. 

Our team takes care of the entire product design process, developing a self-service API, managing the distribution, underwriting and claim management, all in up to 8 weeks. 

This product is applicable for B2C platforms such as e-commerce (consumer goods), transportation and travel, automotives, utilities, banks and payment providers, shared economy platforms and many more. 

Your Benefits

Added Value

Become a brand that enables protection and security to their customers

Revenue Growth

Use insurance products for up-selling or introducing new services


Hold a competitive advantage and a greater value proposition

Customer Loyalty

Increase CLV and retention by providing safety and peace-of-mind