The insurance industry is rapidly changing and adapting to the needs of new segments and generations. Traditional models of long and complex documents, insurance brokers and long processing times of claims are inadequate to the technological abilities and on-demand purchasing preferences.

Our digitalisation products, such as ISaaS- Insurance Software as a Service, are leading longstanding Risk Carrying brands into the future of insurance- fully digitized self-service platforms which take care of the entire product lifecycle- policy offering and design, underwriting and claims. We specialize in building backend structures that allow seamless customer experiences, using innovative methods of distribution. We know the insurance industry from within, as our team of experts have accumulated over 50 years of insurance experience in different positions and regions. 

This product is applicable for Insurers of all sizes and regions, either for the entire company or specific aspects of it.

Your Benefits

100% Digital

No paperwork or phone calls, only fully digitalised insurance solutions.


Enrich your ecosystem with fully digitalised insurance products that support your line of services.


Our embedded insurance is ready within weeks.


No medium or channel change along the full insurance management process.