We are bsurance, an Insurtech start-up headquartered in Vienna. Founded at the end of 2017, we successfully closed our Series A funding round with an investment of €4m at the end of 2018. Our lead investors are UNIQA Ventures and SIGNA Innovations Investment. We are already operational and in the growth phase. 

We specialise in B2B2C projects, helping businesses add value to their proposition by embedding insurance directly at the point of need for the client, which is the point of sale for the business. This allows us to have a wide range of partnership opportunities, serving a variety of industries and products.

We operate with 3 models which allow us to easily scale up


Managing General Agent


Insurance-Software as a Service

Digital Enabler

for Insurance partners

We are currently preparing our Series B funding round. We would appreciate any opportunity to meet and discuss partnerships with new investors, VCs and corporations who wish to take part in our success.