Revenue growth

We specialise in helping companies make their clients happier, increase customer loyalty and grow revenues.

Personalised solutions

We'll find the relevant insurance solution for their products or services, connect the right insurer, design an API that seamlessly connects to their platforms and handle the claims process once needed.

Customer loyalty

Let us do all work, so you can offer protection and peace-of-mind to your customers and enjoy the benefits of added value and new sources of income for your business.


Embedded Insurance​

Embedded Insurance bundles coverage or protections within the purchase of a product, service, or platform. It helps every brand to enhance the feelings of trust, protection and safety.


We are enabling insurance carriers to speed up their digital transformation, fully automating end-2-end processes using our cloud-based insurance management platform.

Use Cases

We are proud to partner with businesses of various sizes, industries and products. Here you can find an overview of our past and current insurance solutions.