Use Cases

We are proud of working with different sizes and field enterprises and products. Here you will find information on our past and current projects.

Each project begins with a mutual real-time data analysis and brainstorming, defining customer needs, and the best solution for the client. We can develop a solution for every field and industry company and product.

Use Case


bsurance developed a parametric dental insurance and fully embedded it into Playbrush’s “Smart One” toothbrush as integral part of the subscription model.


Playbrush is a HealthTech company focused on dental health.

After a successful start with a product for kids they expanded to target adults with a smart toothbrush in combination with a subscription model. A dental insurance that is connected to the brushing behaviour should add value to the subscription model and work as a differentiator in the market.

Together with UNIQA, bsurance developed an insurance product consisting of two parts: The health-related part is an easy refund option for white fillings. The parametric part should encourage the customer to regularly brush teeth with a cash-refund option on the annual professional dental prophylaxis, based on the brushing quality and quantity. The individual data collected by the Playbrush app is processed automated for the reimbursement process.

Key Results


Europe's first parametric dental insurance.


100% digitalised end-2-end process.

Parametric Dental Insurance - Playbrush & bsurance

Parametric dental insurance
in cooperation with UNIQA


Fully embedded in Playbrush's subscription model.


Fully automated policy issuing, billing and claims handling.

Use Case


bsurance entitled refurbed™ to offer their customers a mobile device insurance product to promote their membership program and create a new revenue stream by selling insurance.


refurbed™ enables people to use sustainable electronics at a fair price.

refurbed™ offers used electronics via their web shop. In order to expand their business, increase revenue, support their brand, add value to their refurbished products, and increase the CLV, they were seeking for a digital insurance solution.

bsurance took an existing mobile device insurance provided by Allianz Partners and digitalised it to fulfil the requirements of refurbed™ and the technical aspects for embedding it into their web shop: The insurance is now revocable at any time, is offered as a stand-alone solution (as part of the subscription model), optional for buyers in the course of a product purchase, and mandatory for customers who decide to rent electronics.

The end-2-end digital insurance management process is automated and claims management is fully integrated in the web shop.

Key Results


New revenue stream with selling insurance.


Digitalised and embedded in < 3 weeks.

Refurbed & bsurance

Mobile device insurance in cooperation with Allianz Partners


One insurance product available via 3 different routes.

All inclusive

Fully embedded claims management in web shop.

Use Case


bsurance enabled Raiffeisen customers to purchase a fully digitalised on-demand ski-accident insurance with immediate coverage via smartphone.


Raiffeisen is one of Austria’s biggest banks with almost 4 million customers.

Raiffeisen customers can use the Blue Code app as an easy and fast payment method via smartphone. Raiffeisen was looking for a way to provide additional services to their user base. They decided to focus on increasing customer loyalty by offering a seasonal product for skiers.

In order to target the specific needs of skiers, bsurance extracted two relevant coverage modules out of a general accident insurance. This customised ski-accident insurance was transformed into a short-term product, valid for a full skiing day with immediate coverage. The insurance activation process starts with a QR code (an alternative solution via geo-tracking and “push & swipe” will follow later) and is fully embedded in the app, claims reporting included. The end-2-end digital insurance management process is fully automated.

Key Results


Developed and embedded in a payment app in < 2 weeks.


Digital transformation of a complex insurance product into a simple, customised solution.

bsurance & RLBOOE

Short-term ski-accident insurance in cooperation with UNIQA


Available to nearly 4 million customers.


Insurance activation via QR Code and/or “push & swipe” directly at the point-of-need.

Use Case


bsurance fully embedded a buyer protection insurance with automated activation option into the payment service of cashpresso.


cashpresso enables customers to pay for purchases in instalments that can be changed at any time.

cashpresso is a payment provider offering a simplified way to apply for a loan in less than 10 minutes. The service of cashpresso is fully digital and automated and can be used in numerous partner shops as payment option. They wanted to have an insurance solution that acts as an USP, adds value and trust to their product, and is as digital and automated as their service. bsurance found a fitting buyer protection insurance at Axa Partners, digitalised and embedded it into the service of cashpresso. With the first time of use of the cashpresso payment option, every user is automatically entitled to the buyer protection insurance for one year straight. The complete insurance management process is digital, automated and fully embedded via smart REST APIs, so is claims management.

Key Results


Insurance as added value and to increase brand trust.


Digitalised and embedded in <3 weeks.

cashpresso & bsurance

Buyer protection insurance in cooperation with AXA Partners


Automated insurance activation upon service usage.


Fully automated and digital end-2-end processes.