Insurance-Software as a Service – Say Goodbye To Inefficient Solutions

Insurance Software as the Service

The insurance industry is rapidly changing and adapting to the needs of new customer segments, consumer behavior, and technological advancements. Traditional insurance models in the form of long and complex documents, insurance brokers, and long processing times of claims become outdated and unappealing in the eyes of customers.
With our I-SaaS solutions, you can finally say goodbye to inefficient and outdated insurance management processes, focusing on scaling up your business.

The I-SaaS Solution Features

Innovative Next-Generation Solution

ISaaS is leading long-standing Risk Carrying brands into the future of insurance - while fully digitalised self-service platforms provide and take care of the entire product life-cycle in one place.

Professionalism In Every Development Aspect

We know the insurance industry from bottom to the top. Our team of experts has collected over 50 years of insurance experience in different positions and regions worldwide. The same applies to our know-how in the field of digitalisation.

Scale-Up Your Business ​

Our insurance platform is applicable for various B2C industries, starting from retail, e-commerce, transportation, travel, automotive, utilities, banks, and payment providers to shared economy platforms.

100% Digital

No paperwork or phone calls, only fully digitalised insurance solutions.

Widely applicable and quickly deployable

Our digital insurance platform is adjustable for Insurer carriers of all sizes and regions, either for the entire company or for specific areas or partnerships of it.