Collaboration As The Key To Success

Modern Solutions

We collaborate with various insurance providers across the globe. bsurance works closely with each insurance provider, delivering modern and embedded insurance solutions for each insurance business.


One of the most significant advantages of a partnership is the stable and prosperous foundation development in the relationship between a B2C partner and an insurer, focused on the tech solution and operational capacities. As a result of the partnership with scalable B2C partners, the insurance carriers can make one step closer to new customer segments and audiences, grow their client and revenue base, and scale up globally. 

Solving Complex Issues

bsurance team will take care of the insurance product design, API development, user journey management, and claim process, allowing insurance providers to enjoy the business growth with meager acquisition costs. Learn more about how bsurance solutions addressed and solved complex problems, providing growth and scale-up for insurance carriers.  

What Our Partners Say