Kika / Leiner

A fully digitalised warranty extension including claims management developed for offline sales at the point-of-sale

About Kika / Leiner

Kika/Leiner are two of the top furniture retailers in Austria, with more than 40 branches in the region. 

Besides furniture, the enterprises provide in its product range the electronic appliances and kitchens. For that matter, warranty extension has always been a topical and necessary product feature.

To exploit the full potential of selling insurance and to increase customer satisfaction, Kika/Leiner needed a fully digitalised insurance product with correspondingly digitalised end-to-end processes that could be easily distributed by its own sales staff.

Our Solution

bsurance developed a fully digitalised warranty extension tailored to actual customer needs. At the same time, the digital distribution for the kika/Leiner sales staff was optimised and integrated into the in-house ordering system and is thus available directly at the point of sale. The same system is also used for claims processing.

In addition, bsurance made the solution scalable so that additional insurance products can be added easily if required.