Our Partners

We believe in win-win partnerships targeted towards growth and prosperity.

Scale Up

bsurance pursues each partnership strategically, working closely with partners, adding value through the knowledge, expertise, and solutions brought. If you’re an insurance provider, with our partnership, you’ll reach new customer segments and markets with no acquisition costs. If you are a B2C business owner, our collaboration and solutions will bring your business a competitive advantage within the market,  enhancing the trust in your brand, alongside developing new revenue streams. 

Modern Solutions

Our expertise is targeted towards supporting our partners in providing customised solutions that address complex challenges each business faces.

Solutions for complex problems

We work with each partner to deliver modern solutions to the complex problems businesses face! Learn more about the partnership opportunities with bsurance!

B2C Partners

As a B2B2C enterprise, we help B2C companies to design and develop customised, modern, and tailor-made insurance solutions to their platforms, products, or services.​


We partner with insurance providers around the world and enable the relationship between a B2C partner and an insurer simply and straightforwardly.


Our B2B2C business model is built on three different revenue streams, which allow us to scale-up easily. 

What Our Partners Say

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