Playbrush - For Adults

A specially developed parametric dental insurance with insurance benefits depending on the tooth brushing behaviour

About Playbrush

Playbrush is a HealthTech company focused on dental health. After a successful start with an oral care invention for kids, the enterprise expanded its product line targeted to adults providing a smart IOT toothbrush with a subscription model. A dental insurance connected to the brushing behavior should add value to the subscription model and work as a differentiator among competitors in the market.

Our Solution

In collaboration with UNIQA, bsurance designed an insurance product containing two functions – first, a health-related function as an easy refund option for white fillings. Second, a parametric function that has been developed to encourage customers to regularly take care of oral hygiene with the cash-refund on the annual professional dental prophylaxis. 

The individual data collected by the Playbrush app is processed and automated for the reimbursement process.