We develop innovative and customised end-to-end insurance products, integrating insurance directly at the Point of Sale.  


Authorised to insure in more than 30 countries, bsurance offers insurance products tailored to meet each client's needs.
Due to flexible and easily adjustable insurance solutions, businesses can save their valuable business time and gain confidence by thoroughly enriching the business ecosystem with digitalised and modern solutions that support its line of service.
bsurance solutions are cloud-based and actively used among European insurance providers, financial institutions, and e-commerce businesses. Easy adjustable and automated end-to-end processes allow every business and insurance incumbent to unleash the business power, by speeding up digital transformation, while enjoying the benefits brought by the bsurance solutions.


We enable insurance carriers to speed up their digital transformation, fully automating end-to-end processes using our cloud-based insurance management platform. Designed to the insurance and financial service providers, our solution guarantees easily adjustable and time-efficient policies.

Embedded Insurance

Embedded Insurance – also known as “Invisible Insurance” provides coverage or protections within the purchase of an individual product or service. Our end-to-end insurance solution provides a convenient user experience, helping every brand enhance the customers’ feelings of trust, protection, and safety.


Enjoy the full benefit package of our solutions

Scale-up your business, while enjoying the benefits of added value, increased turnover, lead generation, and adjusted business operations from our cloud-based solution.

The cloud-based and customised solution

Our cloud-based solution is highly flexible for individual insurance coverage, connecting to the right insurer and is designed and fully integrated in your system via Rest-API, quoting the claims process once needed.

Credible and efficient solutions for your customers

bsurance insurance solutions allows businesses to worry less about the business processes while thoroughly enjoying all the benefits that bsurance solutions bring!

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