Embedded Insurance

Integrating insurance directly at the Point of Sale

bsurance helps businesses scale-up globally and grow their customer base by fully digitalising and embedding insurance products directly at the Point of Sale

What we do

We offer cloud-based and flexible insurance products that can be tailored to any product or service. Easily adaptable and digitized end-to-end processes enable any company to accelerate digital transformation and realize full business potential.

Our team of experts develops an easily adaptable solution for your business, finds the best insurer for the product, and develops an API that seamlessly connects to your platform in real time, handling the claims process digitally if required.

Product development

We develop cloud-based insurance products that are designed to digitalise business processes.


We connect businesses and insurers via REST


Our cloud-based digital platform manages policies in real-time, takes care of billing, and quoting of claims

Our Solutions

Embedded Insurance

Embedded insurance bundles the coverage or protections within the purchase of a product or service. Our cloud-based solution offers a convenient user experience, being applicable for various businesses, starting from e-commerce, mobility, bank, and payment providers to shared economy platforms.


Our I-SaaS solutions are cloud-based and used among different industry sector institutions and insurance providers from several countries. Our adaptable and fully digitalised end-2-end processes ensure to accelerate each business digital transformation while providing convenient user experience and next-generation solutions for the end-customers.

Why choose bsurance?

100% Digital

No paperwork or phone calls required, our digitalised insurance solutions let to scale your enterprise up.

Increased revenue

Increased retention rate by 10% and customer lifecycle value by providing safety, peace-of-mind and next-generation solutions for the end-customers

Scale-up your business

Enrich your business ecosystem with fully digitalised insurance products that support your line of services.

Customized end-to-end solutions​

Our customized and user-friendly end-to-end solutions are ready within weeks, eliminating any outsourced dependencies or long-term commitments.

Claims management & API integration

Our cloud-based solution is customised for you and fully integrated with your API, allowing for a fully automated claims handling process when required.